Mercy and Wisdom Healing Center

Mercy and Wisdom Community Health Clinic

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At the Mercy and Wisdom Community Health Clinic we believe everyone should have access to high quality health care.


Mercy & Wisdom Community Health Clinic
8401 S.E. Powell Boulevard
Portland, Oregon 97266



Qi Gong with Kamto Lee

Every Monday at 2pm at 7411 SE Powell Blvd. Portland. Learn more

Our services include:

  • Body Work
  • Therapeutic Energy work

Conditions we treat include acute illnesses, chronic diseases, joint and muscle pain/injuries, respiratory conditions, digestive tract disorder, reproductive health, allergies, skin conditions, and adjunct therapy to cancer (treatment and recovery).

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People visit our clinic because:

  • They want a mind, body and spirit approach to their health care
  • Are interested in preventative health care
  • They like our affordable health care
  • They have found natural medicine to work more successfully and less invasively
  • We listen and go out of our way to help
  • They like our warm friendly environment
  • As a member of the Coalition of Community Health Clinics ( we offer vouchers for free prescriptions and we can make referrals for many types of treatment and social resources

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8401 S.E. Powell Boulevard

Portland, OR 97266

p: [503] 227-1222

f : [503] 227-1555